Refrigerator Repair

Out of all the appliances currently working in your home, it is pretty safe to say that the humble refrigerator is one of the hardest working items you currently own – and possibly one of the most underrated. It stores and preserves your food to perfection, keeping it safe and secure until such a time as you are ready to enjoy your favorite dish, and acts as a gateway to a host of delicious snacks and treats which would quickly spoil or go bad if it weren’t for the powers of the refrigerator.


In fact, the refrigerator is so very essential that many of us have no idea how we would cope if it wasn’t there; and a breakdown or malfunction is amongst our biggest fears. There is no need to worry if this worst nightmare comes true, however; at Ben’s Appliance Repair, we have the skills and tools required to have your kit up and running in no time – it will be fixed in time for a delicious dinner!


Why did it break down?

There are a number of common reasons for a refrigerator malfunction, and these could be:


  • Clogged condenser coils
  • Faulty compressor or relay
  • Defective defrost timer
  • Broken temperature control
  • Issues with the defrost heater
  • Damaged seals
  • Faulty switches


Where possible, we will always endeavor to repair the unit using a high-quality new component which is built to last. This can often prove a far more cost-effective way of working than overhauling and replacing the entire unit; not to mention being a far better choice for the planet!


While it may be tempting, we would never recommend that you carry out your own repairs. The task may seem straightforward, but electricity can be dangerous and you may end up putting yourself in serious danger. You also risk making the problem worse, and this could end up costing you far more.


Common problems and what to do


Loud noises

One of the warning signs to watch for is sudden loud, strange noises emerging from the refrigerator. This could be a sign that your evaporator fan is starting to fail, or that the ice maker is on the fritz. Maybe there is an object blocking up a crucial element, or the waterline has frozen and blocked. No matter the issue, we can identify and repair it in no time.



Not cool enough

If your refrigerator is not cool enough, you may find that your food spoils more quickly and is unpleasant to taste. A faulty condenser coil is usually to blame, and there may be debris or dirt clogging up the system. Another option is the condenser fan motor; these are both issues which we can resolve in no time!



If you notice water on the floor, the water tank maybe at fault. A dodgy inlet valve is another possibility, and our team will be able to fix this with no fuss.


Should I consider a replacement?

On average, you can expect a 17-year lifespan for your refrigerator, and this is pretty impressive! We will always try to repair rather than replace but will be honest and upfront if this is not possible.