Oven Repair

Picture the scene: you have a table of twenty arriving in around half an hour to share a fantastic family occasion. You have been working on the menu for weeks, and know your timings right down to the last second. The sauce is prepped, the carrots chopped, the wine chilling and the table laid. Everything is perfect and waiting in eager anticipation for the big event. As things start getting closer, you switch on the oven ready to start your first course…and are met with stone-cold silence.


Rather than cancel your exciting dinner party and give up, there is another alternative. Give us a call at Ben’s Appliance Repair, and we will send you a trained, qualified expert to get your oven back up and running in time for the main course!


Why did it break down?

Ovens are appliances which are asked to work incredibly hard on a daily basis, and this comes with a host of issues which could possibly occur. Some of these include:


  • Faulty igniting circuitry
  • Broken pilot light
  • A stuck or faulty door
  • Broken gaskets
  • A defective thermostat

Common problem


  • The oven doesn’t heat

If you have a gas stove, there could be an issue with the pilot light, while an electric oven may have a breaker problem. The thermostat is another likely culprit, or you may have blown a thermal fuse. These are all issues which our technicians are fully trained to handle, but the inclusion of electrics means that this is a repair best left to the professionals.


  • The door doesn’t close

If the door jams, or fails to close completely, you will find that you have to use a lot more fuel in order to ensure that your food cooks properly and all the way through – this could work out to be super expensive if you cook a lot! An open oven can also cause a hazard to others, especially if you have children in the vicinity. If this happens, there may be problems with the runner or the hinges – both of which can be easily repaired or replaced. A faulty door seal is another possibility, and a latch may become defective on a self-cleaning oven – this also means that the cleaning cycle does not occur.


  • The oven overheats

A dodgy thermostat is the number one reason for overheating, and this leads to overcooked burned food – not the ideal dinner you had in mind! Always make sure that this is repaired by a trained, qualified professional, or you risk burns and serious injury.


Should I consider a replacement?

You should expect your oven to last for around a decade; after this, any repairs become less cost-effective when compared to the price of a new appliance. Up until this point, however, a repair is almost always better value for money, and will always be our first choice when it comes to tackling your problem.


Get in touch today, book your appointment, and start enjoying your favorite dishes again in no time!