Ice Maker Repair

There are few things better than the experience of a delicious ice-cold beverage on a hot day, and being in possession of your very own ice maker is a perfect way to achieve this. Traditional ice-trays are messy and frustrating, always running out just when you need it the most. The other alternative is to purchase bags of ice, but in the hot weather, this is a cost which can soon add up, and incurs the additional headache of purchasing and transporting the ice ready to use.


With these factors in mind, it is easy to see why having your own ice tray is such a bonus. It is important to make sure you have a team of experts on hand in case anything goes wrong – it pays to be prepared! Here at Ben’s Appliance Repairs, we are the guys you need; just give us a call!


Types of Ice Makers We Repair

There are a range of different types of ice maker, and we are happy to tackle all of them! Common models include:


  • Built-in ice machines
  • Portable ice machines
  • Freestanding ice machines
  • Freezer ice machines

No matter which option you pick, feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to help.


Common Ice Maker Issues

Some of the most common issues which arise from ice makers include:


  • No ice cubes

If your ice maker is failing at the most basic of tasks, the culprit is likely to be the water supply. Make sure all lines are connected and not clogged up with debris, and that they are fully intact and free from damage.


  • The ice maker is freezing

It may sound silly, but a frozen ice maker can be a real issue. If the temperature is too low, the water in flow will freeze before it has a chance to reach the mold, and this means you will not get any ice cubes forming. If this happens, the thermostat may be faulty, or the temperature in the unit may be an issue.


  • Ice cubes are stuck

If your ice maker is stuck in an incorrect mode, you may struggle to retrieve your ice cubes from the unit. Double-check that this is not the case, and make sure that the metal arm is in the right position. You must also ensure that the bin is not full; if this is the case, the machine will often automatically stop dispensing. If none of these are to blame, give us a call!


Call Ben’s Appliance Repair of Woodland, CA

No matter the issue you are having with your ice maker, our experienced and friendly team will be on hand to help you tackle any issues, and carry out the repairs you need quickly and at a bargain price. With fully qualified technicians just a phone call away, you will never be stuck with a busted ice maker on a hot summers day again – allow this to become a thing of the past in no time by getting in touch today!