Freezer Repair

The freezer. The center of so much love and attention in your house, and so often home to an array of curious and long-forgotten oddities which have a tendency to languish in the depths of the unit for months or even years at a time, destined to be almost totally forgotten until you decide to defrost the freezer once in a blue moon…or until you are faced with the most unpleasant of facts: a broken or malfunctioning freezer.


Given the importance of the freezer, you would be forgiven for flying into a panic at the prospect of an issue. Luckily, Ben’s Appliance Repair are on hand to tackle your appliance repair woes.


Why did my freezer fail?

There are a number of common reasons why you might find yourself faced with a faulty freezer, and the problems can vary from a clogged condenser coil to a faulty drainage hose, and everything in between.


Freezers are complex beings and require expert care and attention when they go wrong. We would not recommend attempting to fix your appliance yourself; unless you are trained, there is a chance that you will just make the situation worse, and this could work out to be an expensive mistake! In addition, electricity can be dangerous, and so it is best that any repairs involving this are left firmly to the experts!


Common problems and what to do


Freezer makes strange noises

A little noise is only to be expected from any household appliance, but if you find yourself confronted with clicking or humming noises, this could be a sign that something has gone very wrong. You could have a faulty starting relay or a damaged compressor, and a new evaporator fan may be required. Give us a call to check out the issue!


The freezer doesn’t run or runs too warm

A warm freezer is very little use to anyone and is only slightly more useful than a freezer which fails to turn on at all. Make sure your appliance is plugged into a working socket, and that there are no known issues with your electrical supply. You may find that the condenser coils are blocked and clogged, or your evaporator fan has decided to give up the ghost. One of our technicians will have no problem figuring out the issue, and getting it repaired quickly.


Freezer is leaking

One of the clearest signs of trouble is if your appliance starts leaking; this can be a sign of an issue deeper in the unit, and should be checked out as soon as possible to prevent any further damage.


Should I consider a replacement?

As a general rule, you should expect your freezer to last for around 17 years -this is a long lifespan compared to other household appliances! We will always endeavor to repair your item where possible, and this is often a far more cost-effective solution -especially if your appliance is still fairly young. Give us a call today to book your appointment!